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Inspiring mindful consumerism

a space for community and creativity to harvest positive impact

Vision to Mission

Mountains inspire creativity, clarity of thought and most of all adventure. Founder Abbey has resided in the mountains of Grand County mountains for over 10 years after working in the fashion industry in Hollywood. She's persistently stayed involved in county and city development while also listening to community needs. Resulting in RMDH & CO, an umbrella of apparel design and sewing services that serve the community and inspire customers to think more mindfully. 

Abbey's knack for recreating consumer goods has blossomed into a spectrum of consumer markets in her rural community and gaining attention in the Rocky Mountain Region. In the new concept store, she hopes to draw attention to how many garments the design house has saved from the landfill, in hopes that it will gain even more momentum. The open layout and community space will allow hybrid entertainment concepts to occur organically, space for professional education classes and a unique versatile creative environment. 

She believes integrating activities & creating environments where people can gather has a domino effect on society. Leading to her established youth and adult horse, yoga & art programs designed to ignite creativity and get you outdoors.

At RMDH visitors can browse consciously curated goods, our various in house branded clothing, utilize our eco-design house services, sign up for a maker workshop, check out our event calendar for music and other events.


RMDH holds space for rural creatives to embark on their own journey and a family of innovative staffing to do the work they love. RMDH hopes to give others the tools to create their way of living in the mountains and harvest mindful practices in the process. 



CEO of RMDH & CO, Abbey Samuelson started sewing as a young child using her imagination to re-create what she saw on television. Her ability to sew gained momentum throughout her life, from college to career and worldly travels, her efforts to create an100% transparent eco-friendly fashion empire has ALWAYS stayed in sight.

If anyone knows the story of the struggling artist, Abbey can attest, however, she doesn't allow any excuses and her advice isn't for the faint of heart. Living in a rural community gave Abbey her first-hand experience on how to be innovative in her design process with limited resources forcing her to think outside of the box and most importantly keeping the planet in mind every step of the process.

For 5 years RMDH has offered garment and gear repairs establishing a strong return clientele in the community and Rocky Mountain region (Rocky Mountain Repairs). The design house now operates with a crew of sewers with a foundation of apparel production knowledge to leverage the industry with solution-oriented design. In the new space, they hope to bring more focus in producing in-house collections Lavender Elephant, RMDH, and Abi Lee Couture. While also generating more support and opportunities for rural entrepreneurs.

Co-Creative Space

Bringing the outdoors in was always the most important element to the creative space, you'll see it's adorned with over 100+ potted plants amongst the 4 bay windows. 


Our layout is designed to accommodate for group workshops, creative seminars, and RMDH co-maker member opportunities. The open floor plan will accommodate sitting/standing desk work, organized creative work and room to stretch. 

Workshops and multi-day seminars will be designed for the public drawing from local artisans and nationally recognized artists. You can drop in for a class here or there or become a RMDH maker member. 

As an RMDH maker member you will have access to pre-enrollment, workspace use during open lab hours, discounted mentoring, access to creative resources, and use of design house tools. Stay inspired with monthly events such as; Shark Tank inspired pitching sessions, Think Tank groups to keep you motivated and Meditation & Yoga classes to keep you centered.

Enjoy complimentary coffee, tea and fruit-infused water on us plus score membership discounts on special events and other affiliate programs. Memberships also include onsite lockers to keep your creative supplies handy. 

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