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Brands of RMDH & CO

At RMDH our design process minimizes textile waste.
Our thread exchange program and industry resources provide us the opportunity to source our materials from vintage, lightly worn, liquidated and deadstock consumer products to recreate new products.  We sort, design, cut, assemble, and sew our products on-site providing trade skill education opportunities and rural employment in our local community.
Our dressmakers, fashion designers, technical & professional designers focus on slow fashion and eco-friendly practices at the start and finish of the design process.
Our eco-friendly fashion brands are designed and constructed with 100% transparency: fabrications, findings, and labor.
We're happy to provide you with this clarity and hope it encourages you to ask the same from other clothing companies.
We've got you covered with funky one of kinds, bridal attire, and adventure casual. ​​
In 2019 approximately 15 million tons of used textile waste was generated in the United States of which 10.46 million tons were sent to the landfill. An average American throws away approximately 80 pounds of used clothing per person per year. RMDH & CO retail sales combined with repair services of over 1,750 garments year to date have saved approximately 578 lbs of textile waste from our landfills. The general public as the option to utilize our on-site design & repair services for everyday needs. 
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